LINEUP Vintage

Re-think the Cross Channel Experience,

In response to the opening of a bricks and mortar store


Academic project, Service design, E-commerce

Team member



Romain ASSE

Time Span

1 week (in Mai 2019)


Paris, France


Benchmarking and competitor map, User modeling (Segmentation, Shadowing, Field studies), Brainstorming and NUF evaluation, In-store experience design

Created in Aug 2015, LineUp Vintage Sport Shop is the 1st digital vintage clothing shop specializing in retro sports pieces from the 70's to the 2000s in France.

Following the success of the website, 3 co-founders decided to open in September 2019 their first physical location in the city center of Paris.

We have been tasked with creating a cross-channel strategy to improve visitor engagement, conversions and loyalty.


How to create in-store experiences that drive traffic and bridge the gap between online and offline


1. Desk Research

Consumer Behavior in the Cross-Channel World

We all have loyalty issues…Few people are loyal to only one channel.

Our evolving understanding of consumers’ behavior suggests that shoppers browse and buy on various channels. Moreover, 78% of shoppers go online before heading out to the store, 41% of consumers visit stores before buying online.


Competitive Position Mapping

We tried to look at how existing vintage shops and concept stores are trying to connect the dots and make e-commerce a more seamless experience (Social media metrics, Gift card, Voucher for newsletter subscription, Free return option, In-store pick-up, free shipping offers, instalment, etc)

To get more insights, we also ran field studies in Marais — a trendy district in Paris, a paradise for vintage shopping.


Excerpt from Competitive Analysis

Field Trip Plan.png

Field Trip Plan & Itinerary

Vintage Shops in Marais District



To develop a market positioning strategy for LineUp, we identified where existing brands are positioned in the market.


We would like to place LineUp in the top right-hand square so that it fills a gap in the market.

Even though it's difficult to deliver better service than concept stores, LineUp could lead with a digital strategy.

2. User research

User segmentation

According to client input, LineUp consumers can be segmented into 3: fashion addict, vintage clothing collector, nostalgic person.

Diapo Cas LineUp2_page-0002.jpg
Diapo Cas LineUp2_page-0001.jpg

User observation & Contextual Inquiry


During the field research, we observed the stakeholders (sales staff and shoppers) in action and reached out to them to do some inquiry.

Interviewing people about their tasks and challenges helped us gain an empathetic understanding of the problem and discover opportunities for addressing them. 


We then accumulated the information and analyzed our observations to define the user needs and pain points. The personas was outlined to help keep our efforts human-centered before proceeding to ideation.

Matt enjoys standing out from the crowd (especially on social media) and expressing himself through his clothing. Before ordering online, he usually visits brick-and-mortar stores to see, touch and try on the products.

"If I can’t find the products I'm looking for, I get frustrated and leave."

"I expect unique, enjoyable experiences and personalized offers when I walk through their doors. It makes the trip worthwhile."


3. Ideation

To-be user journey map

Now, we’re ready to generate ideas. We listed three user journey stages, all the actions in between and touchpoints through which customers come into contact with LineUp (mobile app, website, or in-store). 

It helped us identify several opportunities for improving the experience.

To-be user journey map.png

Brainstorming & NUF Evaluation

We generated creative ideas to leverage the in-store experience, for example: Magic Shadow Pop-up Shop, Interactive Screens, 1990's showroom, Gameboy Corner, Cobrainding Exhibition, Immersive Dressing Room...

Solution & evaluation2.png

We then evaluated each one of the listed concepts along three criteria below: 

  • New: is it new? Is it innovative?

  • Useful: does it solve an important problem or fulfil a real need?

  • Feasible: is it feasible? Do we have the opportunity, the skills, money or time to do it?

Two of them were selected: Vintage Photo Booth & Social media-connected hangers. It's time to discuss improvement ideas and decide on the next steps.


4. Prototype

In-store Experience

In-store Touchscreens & Website UI